High Carbon Steel Forged Knife Fixed Blade Military Knife with Holster


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The surface is treated with a black phosphating coating to eliminate reflection and corrosion resistance. Its handle is treated with natural cowhide ring pressure, waterproof and non-slip, and will not swell in the sea even if unlucky enough to land in the sea. The scabbard is made of natural leather with a grindstone, which is convenient to maintain the tool in the field at any time. The scabbard can be fixed on the belt, and the bottom of the scabbard has a lacing hole, which can be fixed on the thigh; The back of the blade is serrated to provide a powerful cutting saw, even cutting through the skin of the aircraft; There are two round holes on the upper part of the armguard, which can be fixed on a long stick or a branch and used as a spear. This is a typical survival knife. Since Ontario is the major supplier of Saber to the American army, and The American 499 is to be provided to many pilots of the American Army, the production quantity is huge. Considering the cost, the appearance and workmanship will not be as exquisite as the ordinary mass-production knife.

Full Length: 24.13 cm
Blade Length: 11.2cm
Steel: 1095 high carbon
Steel hardness: 55 HRC
Treatment: black zinc phosphate coating (corrosion resistance, extinction)
Handle material: high density pressed coiff
Thickness: 4 mm
Knife sheath material: coiff sheath
Color: Brown





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