Handheld Knives Sharpener Multi-function 3 Stages Type


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Handheld Knives Sharpener Multi-function 3 Stages type Quick Knife sharpen Tungsten Steel For Kitchen Knives Accessories Tools

Item Name: Multi-function 3 Stages Sharpener
Item Material: Stainless Steel
Item Size:21x5x5.7cm
Item Color: Red/Black
Item Quantity:1Pc
Item Features 1:Handheld Safety, Unlike traditional sharpeners, hand-held sharpeners are safer and make you feel more at ease when using them.
Item Features 2:The non-slip bottom design can be placed on the table. The special non-slip design at the bottom makes sharpening the knife more secure
Item Features 3:Quick Knife Sharpener, Different positions correspond to different methods, with just a few gentle pulls, your knife can become very sharp.
Item Use: Home Knife Sharpener

New 2 Stages Knife Sharpener
Foldable, easy to store, light, and convenient
Non-slip, easy to handle




Red, Mini Red, Black, Pink, Mini Blue, Gray, Mini Green


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