High Quality Outdoor Tactical Axe Outdoor Tool


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Packing box: Cow carton

Spoon blade: 69mm

Product weight: 822g


Axe length: 35.5cm

Total length of saw: 30cm

Axe weight: 579g


Axe handle length: 30.5cm

Saw blade length: 16.8cm

Saw weight: 74g


Axe blade length: 8.4cm

Saw handle length: 12.1cm

Axe material: 440 steel


Axe blade width: 13.6mm

Saw width: 20mm

Axe surface: black furrowed paint


Whistle length: 84mm

Saw thickness: 1.8mm

Handle material: nylon + fiber


Total length of spoon: 17.4cm

Packing size: 41*17.3*4cm

Spoon material: nylon + fiber




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