Bread Knives 3-layer Composite Steel Serrated Knife


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440C Steel

The blade is made of 440C steel and is forged and fired by hand by experienced craftsmen. This steel is not ordinary stainless steel. Can be stabilized at 60 ± 2 HRC. Very sharp, corrosion resistant, and durable. The unique texture of the blade is clear and beautiful.
Multifunctional Kitchen Knife

This knife is a multifunctional professional kitchen knife that can be perfectly chopped, sliced, and cut into vegetables, fruits and meat. Suitable for professional chefs, culinary experts, food vendors, and novice home chefs. With this set of knives, you can complete all the tasks in the kitchen.
Ergonomic design

The handle is made of ebony. The blade and holder are recessed so the holder does not slip. The handle is close to the palm of your hand for a long time without fatigue. Ergonomic design.

To meet your purchase requirements,  will sell split knives. If you don’t need to buy a complete set of tools, you can choose to buy them separately.






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