Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack

As one of the world’s most popular card games, BlackJack is more often offered in a live version at online casinos. If you want a realistic casino experience, we recommend that you read through our comprehensive guide, specifically dealing with Live BlackJack. After reading this guide, you can subsequently choose an online casino on our top list of casinos that offer Live BlackJack, where you can then start winning the big wins!

Online Blackjack vs. BlackJack at a physical casino

If you are an experienced player, then you have most likely tried playing BlackJack online. After playing this game online, you might know that the game is very similar to a video game. It cannot therefore be compared to playing BlackJack in a physical casino. This is because both sound, the landscape and the dealer are virtually represented when playing BlackJack online. You can play online blackjack at more or less all online casinos, but not all offer live blackjack. Right now. we recommend Karamba casino as they have a good bonus that you can use to play at their casino.

What is Live Blackjack?

Live BlackJack imitates the experience you will get if you play at a physical casino in e.g. Macao or Monte Carlo. It is still an online game, but if you play this version of BlackJack, you will be able to see a live dealer in charge of the game. So you will not be playing against a programmed computer if you play this version of BlackJack. You will be able to see the dealer shuffle the cards and deal them to the players.

Characteristics of Live Blackjack:

Characteristics of Live Blackjack
  • An atmosphere and sound that mimics the experience of a physical casino;
  • A professional and genuine dealer;
  • Real-time streaming of your chosen variant;
  • Chat and/or video features that allow you to interact with the game’s dealer

Why play live BlackJack?

Although the famous table game can provide hours of entertainment to players, it can also leave the big fans of this game with a lackluster experience of their chosen game. Nowadays, however, there is a fabulous alternative if you still want to play this board game; Live Blackjack.

See further down the page some of the benefits that you will be able to find if you play this version of BlackJack!

Benefits of playing BlackJack live

Allows you to play a live version of online BlackJack while sitting at home on your couch.

Allows you to interact with a live dealer and other players.

Live BlackJack mimics the experience you would get at a physical casino.

Allows you to use a low house edge of around 0.5%.

How does a dealer work in live BlackJack?

dealer work

With a live dealer in online BlackJack, the experience comes closer to the one you would get if you played in a physical casino. When you have to choose your desired version, just click on the game, after which you will enter the world of the casino!

When the game has finished loading, a croupier will be waiting for you to take a seat at the table. In the game you will be able to see the dealer through a live stream. He/she will deal you the cards during this fun and exciting edition of online BlackJack. When you have made your first bet on the table, you will be able to choose either stand or hit. If you have luck on your side, you will be able to win large sums in this popular casino game.

Get started with the game – choose your desired version!

If you are looking for a game of Live BlackJack that you can play to satisfy your need, then you will be able to find really many different versions. Software companies such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech have developed their own versions of this classic and fun game.

When choosing a version of Live BlackJack, be aware that the different versions of this game will also have different minimum and maximum betting limits. You must therefore be sure that you choose a game that suits your individual needs.

If you happen to be a High Roller and you want to play for big sums, then we recommend that you try a version where the game allows players to place high bets. If your budget is more limited, then you may have to choose a version where you can play for smaller amounts. As you gain more experience in this game, you can gradually start playing versions where the stakes are a bit higher if you feel confident enough in your abilities.

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