Chip stack at Battle of Malta 2017

Chip stack

Even if you don’t win, you get free experience.

Freerolls can be for players who have achieved X number of raked hands or points during a certain period of time, or you must have deposited X amount. So in this way this kind of freerolls are not completely free.

But you will also find a number of freerolls where you can leave the credit card in the wallet. It can be a freeroll which is only for players from a certain country, or if you are a fan of the poker site or a special player on Facebook.

So there is actually free money to be made for all players, so keep a close eye on what is on the menu in the individual poker room.

If you register in certain poker rooms through Pokerlistings you will be eligible to participate in a weekly or monthly freeroll. We know that many players love to play free poker online, so over the years we have organized several thousand freerolls.

Why do poker sites offer freerolls and bonuses?

Online poker sites are always looking for new players. This also applies to online casinos, which often offer large online casino bonuses upon registration. Their hope is that players will continue to play there for a long time, so they want to give their new customers a good start. It is somewhat in the same way as, for example, to get the first month’s subscription to a magazine or similar for free.

But “old” players are also allowed to participate in freerolls. The poker rooms typically do this to keep the players, so there is always a reason to log in and play some poker.

How much can you win in a freeroll?

win in a freeroll

There is quite a big difference between the prizes and the pools. You can win anywhere from a few dollars to several thousand DKK, and there have even been freerolls with prizes of up to 1 million. dollars.

The prize pool in a regular freeroll is usually between 500 and 2,000 dollars, so the first prize will be approx. 50-100 dollars.

In some freerolls, you don’t win real money, but tickets to tournaments where you typically have to buy a buy-in to participate. Here there is an X number of tickets for the winners, so if there are e.g. if 10 tickets to a $5 tournament are up for grabs, the prize pool is $50.

Is it easy to win a freeroll?

With freerolls you can win access to larger tournaments.

There are usually many participants, especially for the free online poker tournaments where there are no conditions. So you have to prepare to play a lot of hands and be very lucky to win the first prize in the end.

The opposition is not very often impressive, so if you are a good player, you have excellent chances to go far and in the money. Many players go all-in in one of their first hands, since they are not playing for real money, so if you are dealt good cards, just click “call” and cross your fingers. This is how things can quickly become exciting if you want to play free poker.

Where to find the best freerolls?

best freerolls

In our top list, we have set up the best poker sites on the web by rank. As DanskeOnlineCasinoer is one of the biggest guides to online poker, we have also arranged exclusive freerolls that you would not normally be able to participate in otherwise.

You can check out the other sites yourself – we are convinced that our offers are some of the very best in the industry.

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